Learn more about stunning France - discover world cultures

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Learn more about stunning France

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Learn more about stunning France

Learn more about stunning France
Learn more about stunning France
France is one of the oldest countries. It dates back to the Middle Ages and is one of the most important regions of that era in the European continent. The 19th and 20th centuries are considered the golden centuries for it because of its height and prosperity. France is a member of the UN Security Council and a member of more than one international institution, including the Latin American Union, the World Trade Organization and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
France ranks first in Western Europe and the European Union in terms of its total area. It is followed by Russia and Ukraine at the level of Europe. Paris is the capital of France. Its sixty-six million inhabitants speak French and raise a three-column red flag On the right, these three columns are white, and at the far left is the blue. The euro is the official currency of the country.
France has had a clear impact on the history of the world because of its culture. French also has a great role to play. It has become the focal point of culture, development, culture, and fashion. France is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The culture

France has been a home of art, civilization, and culture together; it has been able to excel over the last centuries, and then Western culture has become highly concentrated. France has also produced famous artists, which has stimulated the cultural prosperity of the political systems under which France lived for centuries. , Where the artistic creativity received support and encouragement from them, and what is more important is the government of culture in order to interest the heritage and keep it from loss, and enable the French citizen and tourist to see them and know them closely.
One of the most important activities of the French governments in the cultural and artistic aspect is its subsidies to its artists, the promotion and support of festivals, participation in world festivals in cultural events, and the great importance and preservation of historic monuments.

France is home to thirty-seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. These cities are culturally important, with private ski resorts. France attracts visitors to green tourism, enjoying the beauty of its green nature in small rural areas. The Louvre Museum, the world's most visited art museum, is one of the most popular areas and is visited by some 15 million tourists.
The second French tourist destination is the French Riviera, located in the south-east of the country. It includes coasts and beaches covering a distance of one hundred and fifteen kilometers, as well as three thousand restaurants, fourteen ski hotels, and 18 golf courses. The third destination in the Loire Valley chateaux, listed within the global architectural heritage, embraces several ferries such as de Bread Court, de Villandry, and Chenonso, and one of the most important monuments in France worth visiting,

  • Louvre Museum

Learn more about stunning France
Learn more about stunning France
Is the world's most important art museum. It is also the world's largest art gallery, showing what was seized and stolen during the French campaign against Egypt. The museum is located in the capital Paris on the north of the Seine.

  • Museum of d'Orsay

Learn more about stunning France
Learn more about stunning France
Located opposite the Louvre Museum on the banks of the River Seine, this museum houses an impressive number of French works of art, most notable paintings of impressionist art and rare pieces.

  • Palace of Versailles

Learn more about stunning France
Learn more about stunning France

It dates back to the reign of Louis XIII. It was built in the province of Versailles, which is 25 kilometers from Paris and is one of the most important royal palaces.

  • Eiffel tower
Learn more about stunning France
Learn more about stunning France

The tower is a symbol of Paris, the first tourist destination in France, and reaches a height of about three hundred and twenty-four meters, attracting six million tourists annually.

  • The Luxor Obelisk
  • Fountain of the Concorde Square
  • Famous statues
  •  most notably the Persian statue Henry IV
  •  the Lion Balfour
  •  and the Marley horses
  •  Graveyard of the Great
  • Palace of Elysee
  • Not Devons.


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