Travel Israel: The 13 most beautiful places in Israel - discover world cultures

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Travel Israel: The 13 most beautiful places in Israel

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Travel Israel: The 13 most beautiful places in Israel

Travel Israel: The 13 most beautiful places in Israel
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The 13 most beautiful places in Israel 

A view, a spring, a fortress, a hiking trail, a river or a beach - it is not easy to choose the most beautiful places in Israel, and more at no charge. So choose the "Walla!" Tourism system for the 70 places that must be visited in Israel - all for free. Special project.

13. The "State Terrace" in Peduel: In the settlement of Peduel in Samaria, at a height of 350 meters above sea level, an observation post was constructed from which Israel looks like an enormous map: the Carmel, Hadera, the Sharon region, the Dan region and Tel Aviv, Modi'in, What is in between. Come on a bright day, look intoxicating.

12. The Bahai Gardens in Haifa: The views of the city and the port are only a bonus to visit the Bahá'í Gardens in Haifa, a botanical work in the form of gardens hanging on the slopes of the Carmel.

11. El-Al Stream Falls: In the winter and spring, the El-Al stream in the Golan boasts a beautiful flow that passes through the so-called Black Waterfalls and White Falls. They spill into seductive pools in the heart of the deep canyon.

10. Gilboa Scenic Road: One of the most spectacularly scenic roads in the country is winding on the Gilboa, high above the Spring Valley, between spring blossoms, scenic views, picnic areas and short walking paths for the whole family. Just choose.

09. The observation point between Wadi Firan and Nahal Talked: In the north-east of Samaria there is a trekking route that passes through two streams, and in the middle of the road, there is a high observation point overlooking the Jordan Valley and the Gilead Mountains. A perfect scene of relaxation in front of a less familiar landscape.                                                   

08. Sand dunes: virgin sand dunes that will envelop all your senses on the edge of Nahal Kesso in the Negev, are just part of a short hike that includes stone circles that are located here by ancient and desert landscapes that will restore you to balance.

07. Tzafira Pool: Despite its Arabic name ("the filthy"), the Tzafira Pool, which is immersed in a great waterfall in Nahal Tze'elim, is a dramatic and exciting observation point to the Judean Desert.

06. Ein Mabu'a: One of the three springs feeding the Euphrates River (Wadi Kelt) is poured into a beautiful concrete pool, and from there to a wide waterfall whose water continues through a thick green thicket. It is a blue-green-turquoise island surrounded by a sunburned desert.

05. If you can choose one point of observation towards the Dead Sea - this will be the point. Here, alongside a gravel waterfall, where a little effort is required to reach it, you will see not only the Dead Sea from above but also a surprising collection of huge sinkholes.

04. Observation Point in front of Moav in Arad: One of the most beautiful views in the south will bring to your eyes the best of the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea and the mountains of Moab. All this, alongside the "plane", an inspiring monument of Yigal Tumarkin.

03. Pa'ar Cave: On the northern side of the road lies a pink hopper, which is particularly flattered by the winter and spring days. It is a tiny valley with a cave around it, surrounded by a thick carpet of leaves, old oak trees, and a small bridge to complete the scene.

02. The Rock Park in Kisra: Nature is the ultimate artist, and the proof of this awaits you in a space where rock formations of every kind, form, and texture create a harmonious natural image, between light walking paths and green Galilee landscapes.

01. Keshet Cave: This cave has long ceased to be a cave - and only part of its original ceiling remains on the wire, in the shape of a huge rock arch hovering over the abyss. The Western Galilee looks from here like a postcard


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