Travel insurance Schengen .. Why do European consulates request this document - discover world cultures

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Travel insurance Schengen .. Why do European consulates request this document

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Travel insurance Schengen .. Why do European consulates request this document

Travel insurance Schengen .. Why do European consulates request this document
Travel insurance Schengen .. Why do European consulates request this document
Travel insurance is one of the most important types of insurance, which may not be resorted to by some unless forced by the state to which they go, despite his role in preserving the property and luggage traveler and even protect him from any risk of exposure.

Travel insurance Schengen .. We often speak in our subjects concerning the procedures for travel to European countries on the health insurance policy and the need to present this document with the file to apply for a visa.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive answer on medical insurance for Schengen and we will look at some aspects of confusion in which many people are confused.

1_ What is the Schengen Travel Insurance Policy?
Schengen travel insurance or travel health insurance, medical travel insurance or travel insurance policy ...

Are all the names of a document that the traveler is required to attend in order to complete the European visa process.

This document is a certificate that the traveler is insured for the duration of his stay outside his country.

2_ What is this document?
The role of a travel insurance policy is that a traveler entering the Schengen region may be subject to sudden illness or accident.

And while he is out of his country he will need treatment and medical care.
To get treatment in Europe you have to pay money because it is simply not a European citizen.
But what if this traveler did not have money? Will the state that is on its territory die?

Of course, they will not leave it, but to avoid these problems, these countries have agreed with international insurance companies in most countries of the world to take care of this.

Where the traveler pays a sum of money to one of the recognized insurance companies in his country.
In return, this company will provide health insurance to him for the length of time he will be in Europe.

3_ How much will this insurance cover?
Insurance companies compete with each other to provide travelers with temptations by providing the best offers and services.
But what is required of the consulates is that the amount covered by this insurance is not less than 30,000 euros.

Let us take an example so that everyone understands:
"Trump" traveled to France for a holiday and during his travel was exposed to illness or accident.
When he was taken to the hospital, the doctor told him that he would need surgery, and the cost of the operation was estimated at 20,000 euros.
Here the role of insurance will be where he will pay a large part of these costs, even if it amounted to 30 thousand euros.

Another example to understand more:
"Trump" during his visit to France suffered a stroke or a heart attack ... and then died there in France.
What will happen?
The Trump family will demand his body to bury him in the homeland.

Here is the role of Schengen travel insurance, since the insurance company will be charged with the expenses of transporting the deceased to his country.
If I want to extract this document, how much money do I need?
The amount of money varies from one company to another and according to the offers that each company puts according to the number of ayahs that you spend on travel as well.
Therefore, we are always careful in our articles not to put the amount required to obtain the insurance policy to avoid any information is wrong.

But on the whole, the amount is accessible to all and will not pose any problem for those wishing to travel to Europe.
Simply call one of the recognized insurance companies in your country and ask about the amount by the number of days you want to spend in Europe and the other benefits that this insurance will provide you.


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