Travel to Turkey with the best of advice - discover world cultures

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Travel to Turkey with the best of advice

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Travel to Turkey with the best  of advice

Turkey is a wonderful tourist destination that can be visited all year round. It has spectacular views and diverse entertainment. Many families are looking for areas where family entertainment is available. Turkey offers this to all members of the family. The peoples are friendly and entertaining and love to help tourists all the time.

Location of Turkey
Turkey and the Republic of Turkey in the Middle East; bordered to the north by Georgia and the Black Sea, and shared by the eastern border with Armenia and Iran, and share with Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus its southern border, bordered to the west by the Aegean Sea, Greece and Bulgaria, and the country's language is Turkish, And official state.

The climate of the country
The Mediterranean climate is characterized by a Mediterranean climate where the summers are hot and dry, while the winter is milder and cooler. The coastal areas on the Black Sea are warm and humid and the winter is cold and humid.
The best destination for tourists.

This charming city stretches between Europe and Asia, giving it great privileges, the capital city.

Coast of Lysia.

Important travel procedures when traveling to Turkey

1 Issuing a visa to enter the Turkish country must be valid for six months.
2 You have to take the necessary precautions and arrange the movement within the Turkish country so as not to take advantage of the owners of delays, and the fare at the airport door is very high for tourists, and in order not to waste time looking for ways to move from place to place.
3 Before entering Turkey you have to book a suitable hotel because the search for a suitable hotel there will take a lot of time at the expense of enjoying the time.
4 Try to learn some Turkish words that benefit you in dealing with the population and shop owners to understand them and understand you, and this saves a lot of time, and helps you in the comma when you buy any commodity; usually increase traders prices of goods to tourists, but when you insist on a certain price may You win.
5 I always carry a good amount of money with you. Despite the availability of ATMs in different parts of Turkey, you may go to a place where there is no exchange device in trouble.
6 Learn the etiquette of dress in Turkish areas so as not to be criticized. Many Turkish rural villages still maintain old customs and traditions.

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