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I Don’t Know Why I Love London

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I Don’t Know Why I Love London

London is the official capital of the United Kingdom and is the largest city in the country. London is located on the Thames River in the south of the United Kingdom. The city has more than 8 million people, of whom nearly 2.7 million live in its inner neighborhoods. London is the largest city in the European Union in terms of population. This is one of Europe's most important cities in terms of economy, politics, and culture. Because of this great importance of this ancient city, many institutions, organizations and international companies take this city as its official center and headquarters.

Maybe it's the sound of British accents over the intercom whenever I reach Heathrow Airport that creates me question why I left within the first place. or even it’s those random cobblestone streets that you simply end up walking through and thinking ‘wow! this looks old’. or even its the Saturday afternoon pubs crammed with people yelling at the TV screens as they watch the Rugby Match. I can’t really tell you what it's , because I haven’t figured it out yet. All i do know is that i'm came back and that i love this city. (And no! I didn’t fall crazy with anyone out h
London may be a beautiful city with lots to ascertain . 

I saved all my ‘touristy’ visits for when friends and family came to go to me. So I’ll share the apparent (the must see).ere.)

1. House of Parliament (AKA Big Ben)

This building is one of the most prominent and important landmarks in London, which indicates the cultural and historical value that this ancient city holds. This building is located on the northern bank of the Thames.

2. Big Ben clock

 It is the most famous watch in the world and is distinguished by its unique infinite precision. Whoever went to London and did not visit this watch is as if he has never visited it.

3. British Museum (you could spend a whole day there)

This museum preserves within it the ancient heritage acquired by the United Kingdom over hundreds of years, and it is one of the most important museums in the world.

4. St. Paul's Cathedral

This cathedral is located on the hill known as Deet Hill, and this cathedral was built in the 17th century AD, which is an ancient cathedral and has a distinct historical and cultural value.

5. british library 

This library is one of the largest in the whole world, and it contains more than 3 million manuscripts, books and many other important holdings.

6. Tower Bridge

It is a skyscraper located in the Southwark area of London, and it was the tallest building in Europe until October 2012, with a length of 310 m, and it is currently the tallest building in the European Union.

7. London Eye

It is a large wheel that you can ride in its carriages to see the whole city of London and enjoy the wonderful view from the top of the city, with a length of 135 meters, and it is located in Jubilee Gardens on the south bank of the Thames.

8. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official residence for the ruling family since 1993, and today it is the seat of Queen Elizabeth II, noting that the history of this palace dates back to the eighteenth century AD. Specified

9. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a historical monumental church built for the first time in the year 960, and many landmarks were added to it during the thirteenth century A.D. It should be noted that this church, which is characterized by its wonderful architectural design in the Gothic style, was a traditional place; To crown the kings of England.

Also, one among my favorite parts of London is the road markets! London markets are amazing. Usually, the simplest day to travel to any of those markets would be a Saturday. My top 5 favorite markets:

1. Borough Market (best food!)

You will go through a wonderful experience during your shopping in these markets, where you will discover British culture through its markets, popular foods, delicious dishes, and walk along the Thames, passing by food stalls of various varieties.
Tips for visiting London

1/ Do not use the subway to transport you inside the city except when necessary, because you will miss seeing many of the sights and places that may interest you in the city, it is better to walk on foot to see the sights of central London or to take the bus as it is less expensive and you can get to know the city better.

2/ Divide the days of your visit on the places you want to see in the city, so it is not preferable to visit all the landmarks on the same day and spend the rest of your vacation in the hotel or not know what to do plans for each day and how you will spend it in this wonderful city.

3/ Avoid staying in a hotel that is far from the city center because it is cheaper. Because you will spend the same amount if not more on the round-trip transportation.

4/ It is better to book in advance via the Internet, as it is cheaper and avoids standing in the long lines behind tourists to reserve a place for you, whether in hotels, the zoo or museums.
As you'll see, London has lots to supply . But like i discussed before, maybe it’s the accents or even the cobblestone streets, or even it’s the food, energy, or even it’s just the people. I can’t seem to pin point what it's . And to not say that another city round the world wouldn’t be even as amazing, but there's just something lovely about London.

Thank you for reading

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